Top tourist destination the city of Chania

traveler-awardsImportant distinction for Chania is the highlight as a top tourist destination according to a vote held for the second consecutive year, by the Publishing Group Liberis with the Greek version of the No.1 travel magazine in the world, «Condé Nast Traveller», which establishes and gives Awards relating to tourist destinations. The vote of the institution «Condé Nast Traveller Awards», was given by the readers of the magazine and highlighted Chania as "top-rated destination" in the category "Cities".

The Mayor of Chania, Manolis Skoulakis in order to mark the distinction of Chania, made the following statement:
 «From the beginning of our primary service, we have designed, our municipality to become a top tourist destination, with all that this implies for the local economy, entrepreneurship and employment. In this context, systematically, methodically and committed to our goal, we undertook initiatives to penetrate into new tourist markets with our participation in world fairs (cruise, culinary, etc.) claiming tourism all year round. This distinction is a first principle, but I am sure more will follow. The road is long and difficult, but I'm sure that by collaborating institutions and citizens we will manage a lot for the tourist development of our country».

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