Allied Cemetery

summaxiko nekrotafeio

In Vlites region, in the west of the inside part of the bay, inside a wonderful natural environment there is the ally’s cemetery, of the soldiers that died fighting for freedom during the 2 nd world war.

The cemetery was built and is restored by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and has the graves of all the soldiers that died fighting in Crete. The architects were Louis De Soissons. In the monument of the war cemetery of Faliro are memorised those whose names are unknown. The graves in the cemetery are :UK-862 soldiers, Canada-5 soldiers, Australia-197soldiers, New Zealand -446 soldiers , South Africa-9 soldiers, India-1 soldier, Other- 7 soldiers .Total: 1527 soldiers.

The cemetery is visited by a great number of people but mostly by Australians and New Zealanders. Every year, there are memorial days to honour the heroes of the 2 nd world war.

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