St. Domenica at Varypetro

agia kuriaki varupetroThe S.Domenica is located 12 km southwest of Chania near Varypetro. Until, 1992 the monastery was almost ruined but then it was rebuilt and now it is one of the most beautiful monasteries on Crete.

The monastery is lived by the sisters of Chrysopigi monastery and cited in the marvelous region with a forest, a small gorge, a river and chapels in caves. The temple of the monastery is dedicated to the “Transformation of God” at the 6 th of August but it is also celebrated at the 7 th of July (S.Domenica fiest). Around the monastery are chapels inside caves dedicated to Saint Antony ( 17 th January ) , Saint of seven children ( 4 august) , Saint Silvanus the Athonitos (24 th of September) and at the new Martyres of Crete (23 of June).

Visit Hours: Daily from 8.00-12.00 and 16.00-19.00

Entrance: Free

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