59 141Shopping in the market of Chania constitutes a enjoyable experience full of surprises, particularly for those that wish to combine their vacations with shopping. The market of Chania provides many choices, covering a wide range of products, from eponymous clothes to local products that promote the cultural tradition of Crete.

Specifically, in the old city of Chania there are innumerable shops with traditional products that you should visit, while it is absolutely sure that you will find something that will interest you and will remind you the visit in Chania.

The heart of the commercial market of Chania "strikes" in the new pedestrian zones of Katola area (Mousouron Street, Tsouderon Street, Chr. Episkopou Street, Potie Street) that were constructed by the Municipality of Chania (2012) and where each visitor can buy clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, jewels, cosmetics, home products and other products.

There are also many available shops and products in other areas of the city, such as in General Tzanakaki Street, in Andrea Papandreoy Street, in Chatzimichali Giannari Street, in Skalidi Street and in Halidon Street.

If you wish to buy local products or folklore products, do not omit to visit the Municipal Market of Chania (working hours: from Monday until Saturday, 08.00 - 20.00) with many traditional shops selling pure Cretan products on their shelves; gruyere, sheep's anthotyro and manoyri, some of the most popular local cheeses, fresh vegetables and juicy fruits, olives, herbs, thyme honey and, of course, local raki.

Shopping in Chania is the best way to have fun during the day, especially when combining a walk in market streets of Chania with a break for coffee or food!

Shopping hours:

09:00-14:30 09:00-14:00 09:00-14:00 09:00-14:00 09:00-14:00 09:00-14:30
18:00-21:00 18:00-21:00 18:00-21:00

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