St.Stephen beach (Seitan Limani)

seitan limania beachThe S.Stephen beach is cited by the Seitan limania region, 22 km northeast of Chania and 2 km east of Chordaki village at the east part of Akrotiri. The name Seitan Limani derives from the Turkish (seitan=devil) and means ports of devil .This name is given to the bay because of the dangerous waves created there. Next to the bay are located three narrow inlets well secured by rough sea.

In a savage landscape, with vertical steep rocks and wild beauty there is an element that can soothe the eye: the northern bay that crafts the tiny but beautiful beach of S.Stephen with its deep blue water. The beach consists of thin shingle and sand that is brought there by the regional quarries through the “diploharalo” gorge. On the two sides rise high two marble rocks protecting the bay from the fierce winds.

How to get there: bus timetables from the suburbal bus station and then 10 minute hike .

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