Natura Regions

The White Mountains

The white mountains are the biggest in extent mountain chain of the island with its peak “Pahnes” (2453m).In the heart of the mountain chain the mountain dessert is created with a moonlike landscape with more than 50 naked tops higher than 2000m. These are called “soroi” because they look like cones.On its base there are reverse cone pits.It is the most mysterious landscape that one can meet in Greece and is unique for the north hemisphere

Climbing the white mountains requires great physical condition , experience and good sense of orientation. There are refuges in many places where someone can rest and continue their climbing.

Snow covers the higher slopes until June.On the white mountains there are many caves and gorges . The most popular gorge is the one of Samaria in the national park of the white mountains. The gorges of Aradena, Tripiti,Klados,Agia Eirini,Imbros,Kallikratis,Vrysi,Cyclamen,Boriana and Cydoni are also well known .

In the white mountains there are the deepest caves in Greece such as “gourgouthrakas” and “lion”. There are many plateaus as well : omalos, anopolis ,a skyfou, tauris and niatou are the most important .

The white mountains are hosts for many species of flora and fauna, many of which can only be found there.The regions near the southern slopes are covered with forests full of cypresses and pines while more humid regions are full of pine trees and chestnuts.

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