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Theodorou Islet

The islet of Theodorou or Saints Theodori is located across Platanias beach ,half mie northern.The story of the islet and its ecologic significance for the rescue of the endangered species of the cretan mountain goat make it very important for Chania

The Theodorou islet is rocky , in an area of 697 hectares ,while the maximum length of it reaches 3800.Apart from the main island , there is a big rock next to it “the little seagull”, so natives call the two islets as “ta theodorou”.On the southern part , there is a big arch shaped cave that makes the island look like a monster with its mouth open .

Even if the island is pretty small, it has a rich history and legends to narrate. Through the centuries, its name has changed many times. Initially, it was called Akytos or Akoition , that means inhabitable. We have also seen it written as Litoa or Toullouros. The name it has today is attributed to the Saint Theodori chapel that unfortunately is nothing but relics nowadays.The temple used to be dedicated to Saint Theodor the stratilatis.

Even from the Minoan times the islet served as a sacred asylum.

Later , in 1574, the venetians built on it , a big fortress, to protect the Platanias region from possible hostile attack. At the same period,the venetians built another fortress at thetop of the island in a polygon shape ( the Turluru fortress) and another one lower ( Saint Theodor or Saint Francesco).The cost of the fortification works was as high as 21500 duches, while many are those that helped doing chores.

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